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We exist primarily for our clients, secondarily for our employees and their families, and finally for our stakeholders.

As an international freight forwarding company, we study our clients' requirements and peculiar circumstances, and then we advise clients on the best methods to import (or export) their goods. We offer them solutions not only on the supply and logistics aspect of their transaction but also (when necessary) on the potential legal, financial, accounting, and compliance issues.

Our leadership is driven by passion. Mr. Cadano is passionate about freight forwarding and logistics. He takes pleasure in the most basic acts of moving, releasing and delivering cargo for clients. He feels most accomplished if the clients are served well. As such, there is an intense focus on being customer-oriented. We are there for the client and will provide the necessary advice. On the strong foundation of satisfied clients, Mr. Cadano wants to build a robust company that continuously grows together with its personnel. Improving our personnel’s lives is part of Mr. Cadano’s mission.

Our clients can look forward to an expanded menu of services that will make our service-provision even more efficient and effective.

CCTSI will help you strengthen your competitive edge by developing a complete understanding of your business- responding beyond your expectation.

CCTSI aims to be a world class total Logistics solutions provider, building lasting business relationships with satisfied clients guided by our core corporate values.


Mr. Christopher R. Cadano

CEO/Lic. Customs Broker

Local No. 807

Ms. Marivic Cadano

Int’l Relationship Manager/Lic Customs Broker

Local No. 818

Ms. Maricel Barayang

Air Import Manager

Local No. 808

Mr. Lemuel Gutierrez

Sea Import Manager/Lic. Customs Broker

Local No. 805

Ms. Kareene Picson

Sea Export Manager

Local No. 801

Ms. Mary Jane "Airam" Jatulan

Domestic Transport Manager

Local No. 825

Mr. Ramil Cadano

Warehouse Manager

Local No. 818

Ms. Grace Barona

Accounting & Finance Manager

Local No. 814

Ms. Jenny Penaverde

Human Resources Manager

Local No. 827


"Cadano Cargo has been instrumental in the growth of our clients. We are proud to be a true partner in their success!"

Christopher Cadano


Cadano Cargo Transport Services, Inc.

"A big Thank you and appreciate your efforts on clearing the shipments quickly. More shipments are expecting in short future and looking forward to associate with CCTS more. Thanks again." January 19, 2018

BPO and PEZA Registered Company

Manager -Administration & Facilities

Located in BGC Taguig.

"Mr. Jett /Ms Ailyn, The cylinders have been loaded on the ship yesterday. we were so we were not able to text... thank you for taking care of our cargo... we really appreciate your efforts especially in coordinating with us, updating etc even beyond working hours.. highly commended. Please tell Ms Arlyn thanks too. Sir Chris thank you also. Looking forward working with you again." December 30, 2017

Shipping Company

Located in Navotas City

Admin and Purchasing Manager

"Many thanks for all your good actions and successful delivery of the items to our Manila office on time! Excellent job everyone!" April 11, 2018

Supplier in Europe

Performance & Development Analyst

Hi Chris, Senate Project. Thank you very much for you and your whole team (esp. to Jane, Grace and Marivic) for making it possible that we deliver to the Senate last Fri/Sat. before the Commissioning  - much appreciated!  March 20, 2019

Chiller Importer in Philippines


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